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Nonwoven Bags Series

Non-woven bag (also known as environmental protection bag) is a green product, tough and durable, beautiful shape, good air permeability, reusable, silk-screen advertising, shipping mark, long use period.Non-woven bags mainly include non-woven environmental bags, non-woven ultrasonic bags, non woven d cut bag ,non-woven handbags, non-woven folding bags, non-woven drawstring bag, non-woven advertising bags, non-woven packaging bags.

Environment-Friendly Bags Series

Non-woven Laminated bag (also known as pp non-woven bag), is a layer of OPP film on the surface of ordinary non-woven bag.Non-woven Laminated bag mainly includes non-woven color printing bag, laser film non-woven bag, non-woven gift bag, non-woven advertising bag, non-woven shopping environmental protection bag, non-woven wine bag, non-woven home textile bag, non-woven food packaging bags.

Cotton/Canvas Bags Series

Cotton bag is a kind of environmental protection bag, ?It is small, convenient,durable, and does not pollute the environment.The biggest benefit is reuse.Cotton/canvas bags mainly include 100% cotton canvas bags, polyester/cotton canvas bags, half bleached cotton/canvas bags, nature cotton canvas bags, no bottom side cotton canvas bags, folded cotton canvas bags, cotton canvas drawstring bag, cotton canvas shoulder bag, cotton canvas handbags, silk cotton canvas bags, thermal transfer cotton canvas bag, color cotton canvas bags, thermal sublimation cotton canvas bags, embroidery cotton canvas bags, etc.

Insulation Bag Series

Insulation cooler bag (also known as ice bag) is a kind of bag with high insulation, constant temperature effect (warm in winter and cool in summer), more cold, heat preservation, fresh, made of high-quality materials, convenient to carry.Mainly including non-woven cooler bags, pp non-woven cooler bags, aluminum foil non-woven cooler bags, Oxford insulation cooler bag, polyester cooler bag, nylon insulation cooler bag, Velcro insulation cooler bag, zipper insulation cooler bag, portable insulation cooler bag, shoulder insulation cooler bag, cake insulation bag, pizza insulation bag, packed lunches insulation cooler bag, hairy crabs insulation cooler bag, picnic insulation cooler bag, etc.

Longgang Dayou Packing Co., Ltd.

Cangnan Dayou Packing CO., LTD. Is a professional company engaged in the development and production of non-woven environmental protection bags.The company has a strong design, production capacity, with advanced equipment and professional personnel, set design, plate making, printing, sewing as one.We can design unique products according to customers' requirements, and provide one-stop service of printing and making products....


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