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What are the factors that affect the price of non-woven bags?

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Non-woven bag manufacturers generally have such a problem. Whenever customers have an inquiry, they will ask what is the cheapest and the best. Customers want to buy the best quality products at the cheapest price. This is nothing wrong with it, but there are many factors affecting the price of non-woven bags, but the guests can not care so much, they always like to be across the board, ask why you are so expensive?
So what are the factors that affect the price of non-woven bags?
The first is the size of the bag, which is the most direct factor in the cost of the bag. The larger the size of a bag, the more fabric it needs. The higher the cost of the fabric, the higher the price, and vice versa. Another point is that when designing the size of the bag, it is necessary to consider the width of the width of the fabric as much as possible, to make the best use of the fabric within the limited width of the fabric, so as to minimize the loss, so that the cost is large. beneficial. Otherwise, if the size of the product does not match the width of the fabric, this will cause a great loss, which will greatly increase the cost of the fabric of the bag.
Followed by the printing situation, in general, monochrome printing is the simplest and cheapest. However, sometimes when customers customize the bag, monochrome printing is often unable to satisfy the customer's product promotion needs. At this time, multi-color printing color printing is generally required. If the color printing is used, the production cost is obviously higher than the cost of monochrome printing. The price will naturally be much higher. Moreover, some bags need to be coated with color printing. If this is the case, the electric engraving plate is required, and the cost of a set of electro-engraving plates is relatively high. Usually, the set version is roughly at the price of 2000-3000 yuan. Each bag requires a higher cost.
In addition, the number of bags produced is often one of the key factors. The high manufacturing cost of non-woven bags often depends on the number of bags produced. When the number of bags reaches tens of thousands, it will play an important role in the cost savings of environmental protection bags. The amount of the bag is large, first the loss on the fabric is reduced, and the width of the fabric can be directly customized to reduce unnecessary wear and tear. In addition, if the number of bags is large, the printing method can use large-scale machine printing or large-scale machine color printing, which is much cheaper than manual screen printing. What's more, some bags, such as those that are hot, the cost of manual production and machine making are often not the same, the price of machine making can be as low as several times that of manual manufacturing. Therefore, customers and friends, when your company uses a certain environmental protection bag for a long time, you may wish to do more at a time, so that the price can be reduced to a minimum, and the benefit of others can be considered.
In summary, friends, when you order green bags from non-woven bag manufacturers, if you want to get a cheap shopping bag, you may wish to look at the above suggestions!