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Choosing a non-woven bag that suits you is a good bag.

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The non-woven bag is a kind of green environmental protection product. It has the advantages of solid use, beautiful appearance and convenient carrying, and can be loaded with heavier items. Non-woven fabric is a non-artificial or mechanical woven fabric, which is a new type of fiber product directly made of high polymer or short fiber through the form of a web. There are many varieties of environmental protection bags. Let's take a look at the variety of non-woven bags that are circulating in the market. We hope that we can help us to purchase suitable environmental protection bags.

Watermark is one of the more common methods for making non-woven bags with environmental protection bags. Because it is called watermark, it is also called watermark in textile printing. It can also be called printing. The aqueous elastomer and paste are blended together during printing and can be washed directly with water without the use of chemical solvents. The features of the watermark have the characteristics of good coloring, strong concealing, washing resistance, etc., and are generally used for printing cotton bags and canvas bags.

Gravure printing, the product printed by this method is called a laminated non-woven bag. The process is carried out in two steps. The first step is to print the image on the film by printing, and to print the image on the nonwoven by applying the filming technique. Environmentally friendly bag manufacturers generally use this method to print large-area colorful images, which are characterized by compact printing and short cycle times. Thermal transfer, attributed to special printing. In this method, the intermediate medium is used to transfer the graphic to the thermal transfer paper, and the image is transferred to the non-woven bag by heating. The feature is that the printed image can be compared with the photo, and is suitable for small-area image printing. For general dry goods, you can use eco-bags produced in accordance with A or B-grade kraft boxes. The top layer can be noodles or no noodles. It depends on whether you want to print a variety of complex images.

For goods that are required to withstand a certain amount of moisture, you can choose an environmentally-friendly bag made of whole waste paper, and add a certain amount of wet strength agent to the environmentally-friendly bag containing dry goods. For environmentally-friendly bags that contain meat or other wet goods, you can also choose all-waste paper, but add it to the original surface or apply an environmentally-friendly oil-repellent agent to its surface. In addition, many large shopping malls and supermarkets will sell or offer free green bags. Since the processing techniques used by the manufacturers of environmental protection bags are different, the color and thickness of the environmental protection bags are also different, and even the varieties can reach dozens. From the perspective of environmental protection, environmental protection bags have become one of the necessities for our shopping. I hope that after the above content, we can further know and understand the environmental protection bag, and in the future, we can purchase environmental protection bags according to individual needs.