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The five most common styles of non-woven bags

Time:2020/3/24Author:adminClick: 3533
Non-woven bags are often common in our daily life, usually used as shopping bags. According to different shapes and styles, non-woven bags can be divided into the following types:

1. Tote bag: It is the most common bag with two handles, similar to ordinary paper bags.

2. Punching bag: The orientation of the handle is at the top of the bag body. Two holes are punched as handles, unlike the handbag with two sewing hands.

3. Bundle pocket: When processing, a thick 4-5MM rope is inserted on both sides of the bag mouth, which can be tightened during use, so that the bag mouth appears lotus-shaped, also known as a bundle mouth non-woven bag.

4. Wallet type: There are two plastic buckles on the body of the bag. The products are folded after being folded, and the whole is in the shape of a wallet. It is small and exquisite.

5, vest bag: the shape is similar to the vest we are talking about, so it is also called a vest bag. The vest bag is portable, but unlike the tote bag, the handle of the vest bag is generally integrated with the bag body and does not need to be sewn to fix.