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What are the non-woven bags classified by use?

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1. Advertising advertising bag
Shopping bag advertisements can use the limited area of the bag to spread market information about the company or product service to the world. When customers carry shopping bags with store advertisements and walk through the streets, they are actually some exquisite advertising bags, which is no less than making a good advertising sign, but the cost is relatively low.
2, knowledge advertising bags
It prints all kinds of patterns and texts with certain knowledge, such as world famous paintings and Chinese calligraphy, on shopping bags. This kind of shopping bag not only provides convenience for consumers when carrying items, but also cultivates people's sentiments, which makes people have a wonderful psychological feeling.
3, gift-type advertising bags
China is a state of ceremonies. On holidays and birthdays, people always bring gifts “walking around and walking around” to connect with each other and to set off the atmosphere. When the guest puts the gift in a shopping bag with the words "I wish you longevity" and "May be happy", the owner feels not only a gift, but also has some fun in his heart.
4, commemorative advertising bags
Such as the XX Arts Festival Memorial, Travel Memorial Bag, etc. This strategy caters to people's commemorative psychology and honorary psychology, so that people have a new feeling after shopping.
5, simple advertising bag
When customers buy miscellaneous items and need simple shopping bags, if the store can provide one, the worry of people, it must be welcomed by consumers. Convenience is an important decision in the promotion.
6, trend-time advertising bags
Nowadays people are generally pursuing a high standard of lifestyle, and fashion goods are leading the trend of consumption. When there is any "hot" in the society, if the store prints the product pattern and publicity information on a beautiful shopping bag, it is undoubtedly an important trick for promotion. When consumers see a hot store in a store for sale, it also creates a "stopping temptation."
7, antique advertising bags
Many traditional products with high social awareness are favored by consumers because of their sophisticated materials, old-fashioned history and long history. If the shopping bag is printed with simple and elegant patterns and words, it gives a noble and solemn feeling, and it will certainly cause some consumers' shopping interest.