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Insulation bag material and effect

Time:2019/8/27Author:adminClick: 2940
At present, the main material of the insulation bag lining on the market is aluminum foil pearl cotton. This material is a heat-insulating material. The thermal conductivity is relatively low, which blocks the contact with the air, so that the temperature inside is concentrated in the bag and cannot be directly discharged. As long as the temperature loss in the bag is prolonged, the purpose of heat preservation is achieved. The main external materials are non-woven fabric, oxford cloth, nylon cloth, polyester cloth, PP cloth and so on.
Insulation bags generally have a holding time of more than 6 hours. The effect is better than traditional ordinary iron incubators and plastic boxes. It is very convenient to use, clean and hygienic. Insulation bags can be used to preserve cakes, pizzas, takeaways, lunch boxes, fruits, beverages, seafood, and fresh preservation.